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My Stats!

Me! In a few lines...

Age:    31

Dress Size:    6-8
Nationality: Australian (Caucasian / part Italian)

Physique Type:    Petite, fit & athletic (ex-fitness competitor)

Height:    5'1 / 153cm

Bust:   Petite
Hair:    Short ash blonde

Eye Colour:    Green

Sexual Preference:   Heterosexual (but open minded... Couples can be SO much fun!)

Personality Type:    Easy-going, warm, approachable and fun...  I'm non-judgemental and down to Earth. I'm typically "that girl" who always gets asked for directions in the street!

Biggest Turn-On: Scent!! & sense of humour - I love a good laugh :-)

Biggest Turn-Off: Arrogance. Ignorance is a very close second.

Favourite Position: Depends - variety is the spice of life... Good chemistry is key for a good time, no matter what we get up to!

Drink of Choice?   I love a good chardonnay (not to be confused with 'expensive', btw). I'm also a long-term fan of vodka, newly devoted fan of low-carb cider... 

What I get up to (when I'm not engaged in awesome sex...)   I'm at the beach, on a run, chillaxing with my 3 dogs (my fur-babies) or tackling (yet another) creative project...

Please note! I am "D&D free" (so no, do not party).